Billboard Advertising Malaysia| Sound System| Inflatable Games

Bouncing World is an event equipment supplier that supplies varieties services to the clients, such as Billboard Advertising in Malaysia, Sound System Inflatable Games Supplier etc. We supply Billboard Advertising in Malaysia to company who wish to advertise their company on Billboard Advertising throughout Malaysia. Besides that, we provide Sound System to our clients to rent from us. We will provide you the best Sound System. Furthermore, we are Inflatable GamesSupplier; these inflatable games could bring more laughter on your event. As an Inflatable Games Supplier we always hope to provide the safeties facilities to our clients. Bouncing World is an Inflatable Games Supplier; we also supply the best Sound System in town, yet we also doing our business on doing Billboard Advertising in Malaysia.

 Billboard Advertising Malaysia, Sound System,Inflatable Games

Bouncing World is a Malaysia event equipment supplier and entertainment equipment rental company. We have served the event planning and entertainment industry.

arrow Locally incorporated company established since 1992
arrow Primary business: souvenirs, billboard advertising and inflatable advertising
arrow In 1996, Bouncing World & Inflatables Sdn Bhd was already supplying equipment, sound system,
  games, launch props, inflatable games, telematch, etc to event management companies
arrow Expanded it’s profile into corporates to organize events, media network and marketing promotions.
Billboard Advertising Malaysia, Sound System,Inflatable Games
arrow Event Management
arrow Directly involved with Brand Management
arrow Advertising works
arrow Public Relation Activity
arrow P O S Materials & Designs
arrow Marketing Strategies
Billboard Advertising Malaysia, Sound System,Inflatable Games
arrow Walls Logo Launch and Road show 1999 -2000 (Nationwide)
arrow Mild Seven Beach Soccer Road show 1999
arrow PLUS Street Soccer Challenge 2001/02/03
arrow Putrajaya Municipal for the launch of Putrajaya as the Federal Territory
  by the Prime Minister. (2001)
arrow Esso Nationwide Road show at Petrol Stations 1993/94
arrow Petronas KL Family Day 1997 -2005
arrow Petronas Terengganu Family Day 2000 -2003
arrow Petronas Bintulu Family Day 2001
arrow Petronas Melaka Family Day 2002- 2006
arrow Inter Oil Challenge 1998
arrow Annual Hotel Gourmet Festivals 2000/02/03 (TDC)
arrow Proton Merdeka race 1999, 2001 (SIC)
arrow Grand Prix A3 Race 2005 (SIC)
arrow Mild Seven Driver’s Formula One party 2003
arrow Digi-ERA Futsal roal show 2005
arrow Maxis Hotlink road show 2004
arrow Celcom EPL road show 2004/ 2005
arrow RTM Hurra World Cup road show 2006
arrow Digi World Cup road show 2006